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This list includes all Butterflies/Moths that we have at the farm.

Butterflies/Moths available mainly year-round

We always have a healthy stock of these species (egg, larva, pupa, or adult) year-round.


              Gulf Fritillary                                                                            Eastern Comma                                                                      Giant Swallowtail

        Cabbage White                                                                          

Butterflies/Moths Available seasonally

These Butterflies are available seasonally (such as late spring-early summer), and are usually only in stock only in the warmer months of the year (mainly May-October).

          Zebra Swallowtail                                                                   Variegated Fritillary                                                             Painted Lady

Pipevine Swallowtail (eggs shown)                                                           Tiger Swallowtail                                                               Spicebush Swallowtail  

              Black Swallowtail                                                                           Red Admiral                                                                                Monarch

      Polyphemus Moth (eggs shown)

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